This is a collection of maps of some of the major watersheds of San Luis Obispo County with soils and geology overlays.

The maps on this website were created in 2007 as the senior project of myself, Rick Treinen, a graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. I majored in Forestry and Natural Resources and minored in Water Science (Hydrology and Watershed Mgt). The maps on this website were created using ArcMap – ArcView 9.1 and ArcHydro Tools, then exported to PDF or JPEG format and made available for download.

The idea for this project began in the Fall of 2006 when I was introduced to ArcHydro Tools at the NRCS office in Templeton, California. Besides easing the process of delineating watersheds as overlays to topographic maps, ArcHydro Tools proved to be valuable at ascertaining information about watersheds that reaches beyond the scope of the original project. Nevertheless, with the urging and support of Dr. Tom Rice of the Soil Science Department at Cal Poly, I developed the idea to catalog watershed, soils and geology information using the aforementioned software. Following are some of the first drafts of Stenner and Brizziolari Creek Watersheds. Since these were made, the basic layout of the maps evolved into those contained in the main map collections.

Also, below are some links to the maps of the Paso Robles AVA watersheds that was published in the book Paso Robles: An American Terroir by Thomas J. Rice Ph.D. and Tracy G. Cervellone C.W.E. in 2007!

This website is intended to be a tool for students, teachers and anyone interested in watershed information of San Luis Obispo County.